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TI Placement Schools (Teacher Internship opportunities)
InBio Parque (InBio)
Roots and Shoots (R&S)
St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM)
Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center (CBEC)

Atenas Recommended links
CATUCA (Atenas Chamber of Tourism)
Activity Center and Dance Studio Atenas (Su Espacio)
Support the Tortugas (

Costa Rica News
The Tico Times on-line (
A.M. Costa Rica (
Inside Costa Rica (
Guanacaste, Costa Rica (

La Nación Newspaper ( - En Español
La Repûblica Newspaper ( - En Español
Al Día Newspaper ( - En Español
Diario Extra ( - En Español

Costa Rica Maps and Stats
Atenas Map (
Map Resource (
Statistics on Costa Rica (

Other Helpful Resources
Time and Weather (
Legal Guide to Costa Rica (
Spanish Translator (
Metric Converter (
Atenas Costa Rica House for Rent


Atenas Preschool y Escuela Colina Azul
Atenas Alajuela, Costa Rica (506) 2-446-4027

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