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More Costa Rica MapsLocated only 40 km (25 miles) from the San Jose in the provience of Alajuela, Atenas is a world away from the pollution and congestion common in the capital. The hills and mountains surrounding Atenas are dotted with coffee fincas and citrus orchards. It is a tranquil, friendly community gifted with incredible views around every corner. The town center is full of rural charm and each of the outlying barrios have distinct microclimates thanks to the mountainous terrain. Both National Geographic and NASA have declared Atenas as having one of the best climates in the world. It is no surprise that so many foreign residents have chosen Atenas as their second home.

Atenas was built and has thrived on coffee, citrus and sugar cane production, as well as its strategic position along the transportation route to the Pacific. The “campesino” spirit can be experienced many times throughout the year as each of the outlying “barrios” (neighborhoods) celebrate with “festejos populares” or community festivals. A great opportunity to meet you neighbors, each festejo is a little different. All provide plenty of traditional food, beer, music, rodeo activities and great people watching. The festejos last only a few days and are celebrated mainly between January and April. The community calendar below is updated regularly with the festejo dates and locations.

Atenas is officially "on-the-map" and has been discovered. We will soon connect with a new toll highway bringing both the beach and San Jose within 30 minutes. We're growing in commerce, infastructure and population; however, our quiet, low-crime and tranquil town continues to keep its "small town" charm. What Atenas lacks in "nightlife" (the town does close up early) it exceeds in natural beauty. For example riding your bike or renting a horse, hiking and other activities abound. New cafes and high-speed internet also allow plenty of interaction while you live here.

The below presentation shows off the area and explain why so many people love Atenas, Costa Rica:

Other opportunities to meet your neighbors include cabalgatas, topes, and organized dances. Cabalgatas are organized horseback riding day trips. The only requirement is that you bring or arrange for your own horse. Everyone is welcome. The rides will take you through some spectacular countryside, often passing through private farms. Riders and extended families meet at the final destination for a potluck lunch.

Topes are horse or livestock parades which are often scheduled to coincide with other special events. They are a great chance see some beautiful animals together with their proud owners. The are many great opportunities throughout the year to listen and dance to live music at organized dances. Most are announced a week or so in advance and often take place at the community halls located in each of the barrios. These popular events are a great place to learn and practice your samba, cumbia or merengue dancing, or just sit back and watch the experts.


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