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The Preschool is a national approved multi-aged early childhood program for 3-5 year olds with whole group activities starting and ending the day.  After opening morning bilingual exercises the children break out into age appropriate group activities facilitated by a teacher and teacher intern for each group.  The 3-4 year old children are offered a half-day program with extended day care if needed. 

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The kindergarten (5 year olds) is a full-day program for all the participants. The kindergarten program includes, multicultural education, environmental awareness, emerging literacy and writing skills, hands-on manipulative mathematics activities, social skills practice, science, art, music and physical education which includes weekly swimming lessons.


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The Escuela Colina Azul, grades 1-6, is a national approved program. All grades are kept to a maximum of 16 students per classroom with a certified grade level teacher for each ff and an assigned teacher intern. The students are provided with an academic curriculum based on the national education standards (MEP) (LINK), with enrichment classes in English, taught by an English proficient instructor, computer communications, music, art and physical education.  Special projects are implemented based on child-centered input and have been implemented through the assistance of parents, teachers and teacher interns. 

The students have planted and maintained traditional flower and vegetable gardens on campus, studied and built hydroponics gardens, observed and recorded data of ant colony behaviors, researched and developed beehive technology within the campus’s rich flora and entomological environment.

soccer Activities
The elementary school has a boys and girls soccer team, a swim team and gymnastics team that compete on the local, state and national level.  The school band is represented in all the local parades that the school participates in. For a small fee students can participant in after school activities that include gymnastics, art lessons, band instruction and drama classes.  Also for a fee private tutors are appropriately screened and recommended for students who need additional academic assistance. (see projects)




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