Atenas Preschool y Escuela Colina Azul

Atenas Preschool y Escuela Colina Azul
Accredited school in Costa Rica ~ Preschool ages 3-5, Elementary grades 1-6

Atenas preschool elementary

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary! Welcome, at Atenas Preschool y Escuela Colina Azul, whatever your child learns is not for the moment, but are lessons learned for the rest of his/her life. Atenas Preschool y Escuela Colina Azul (APS y ECA) is dedicated to giving each child an education that is individualized and academically comprehensive. 

Through an integrated age appropriate curriculum that promotes social, emotional, physical, affective and cognitive growth, we focus on developing environmental consciousness that creates respect for all living things and promotes peaceful responsibility and resolution for his/her own actions.

In the minds and hearts of our teachers and administration, your children are viewed as Costa Rica’s most valuable natural resource. We promote and nurture within all children the joy of being life long learners with appreciation for and responsibility to the global and multi-cultural society we all live in. If you're looking for a private school in Costa Rica, please contact us now!

Atenas Costa RicaPrivate School in Costa Rica

Atenas Preschool y Escuela Colina Azul
Atenas Alajuela, Costa Rica (+506) 2446-4027

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